University Registrars standardize academic-related processes for computerization at Workshop


Standardization of academic-related processes among Constituent Universities (CUs) is one of the cornerstones of CU unification, true to the current administration’s thrust of One University, One UP.

The value of standardization cannot be underscored enough, as it hopes to integrate all CUs into one computerized system. The impact of such a system will be far-reaching – take for example the process of cross-registration, wherein staff from UP Manila who wish to access the records of a UP Baguio student cross-registering to their CU will have one point of reference.

In line with the goal of increased operational efficiency, eUP systems do not only seek to automate the current processes already in place, but also revisit these same processes to see if the steps can be reduced with computerization.

To try to address this system-wide concern, the eUP Team recently conducted from 7-9 October 2015 (Wednesday-Friday) the SAIS Process Management Workshop. Held at Tagaytay City’s Sunrise Holiday Mansion, the workshop was attended by University Registrars (URs) from all UP CUs.


The 3-day workshop, held from 7-9 October 2015 at Sunrise Holiday Mansion in Tagaytay, was attended by eUP Project Director Dr. Jaime Caro, eUP Consultant Dr. Annette Lagman, and University Registrars and their staff from all UP CUs.


The workshop was a collective effort among all participants to recommend standardized procedures for some academic-related online and offline processes; and to recommend future improvements for SAIS. It is hoped that with standardization, extensive sharing of information and improved decision-making will be achieved, resulting to increased productivity across all CUs.

To prepare for the workshop, all URs were requested to bring their own flowcharts, processes, and schedule of fees. In the workshop proper, the UP student life cycle, from Admission to Graduation and everything in between was taken up one by one. In addition to this, certain proposed policy changes will be submitted to the Presidential Advisory Counsel (PAC) then endorsed to the Board of Regents (BOR) for approval.


The URs, bringing along their own schedules and fees, compared their own CU’s academic-related processes with that of others.
The URs, bringing along their own schedules and fees, compared their own CU’s academic-related processes with that of others.


In order to effectively systematize activities, the URs compared their respective CUs processes and decided how such processes will be applied for, who among their staff shall be the approvers, if the process will be automated, and if certain processes will be done outside SAIS.