SAIS Video Tutorials

2016 UPDATE: UP SAIS Self-Service Online Enlistment Guide SAIS Faculty – Faculty Center SAIS Faculty Personal Information Grade Roster SAIS Tutorial: View Class Schedule SAIS Tutorial: Creating a Payment Profile SAIS Tutorial: Making a Payment SAIS Tutorial: Account Inquiry SAIS Tutorials: Viewing Milestones SAIS Tutorial: Dropping Cases SAIS Tutorials: Adding Classes SAIS Tutorial: Viewing Enrollment […]

SAIS – Student Academic Information System Manuals

ADMISSIONS Application Fee Payment Process CAMPUS COMMUNITY Define Assignments GRADEBOOK Create Grade Roster Final Grade and Remarks on Gradebook REPORTS Report Generation SELF-SERVICE Student Self Service Enrollment STUDENT FINANCIALS Batch Tuition Calculation Process Billing and Generate Invoice Process Calculate Individual and Batch Application Fee Closing Process Collection of Loan Payment Criteria Configuration Granting of Loan […]


  SAIS is a Student Lifecycle data management system encompassing admission application to graduation and alumni tracking. It covers curriculum, advisement, payment, and integration with general ledger in FMIS and employee records in HRIS.   |   LOGIN   Comprehensive management of student records, including academic and financial data, throughout the complete student life cycle […]

University Registrars standardize academic-related processes for computerization at Workshop

  Standardization of academic-related processes among Constituent Universities (CUs) is one of the cornerstones of CU unification, true to the current administration’s thrust of One University, One UP. The value of standardization cannot be underscored enough, as it hopes to integrate all CUs into one computerized system. The impact of such a system will be […]