Online SALN via HRIS

As public employees and officials, it is an imperative for the faculty and staff of the University of the Philippines to file their Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN). In the case of the University, with the recent Information and Communications Technology (ICT) it has been championing, it has innovated the filing of SALN.

With Online SALN via HRIS, which use is endorsed by UP President Alfredo E. Pascual (MEMORANDUM PAEP No. 14-57), UP employees now have a more convenient means to fill out and file this government-mandated requirement.

Read through this FAQs page to learn more about what’s in it for you and how you can go about the Online SALN via HRIS.

What is the Online SALN?

Online SALN via HRIS
Online SALN via HRIS

Online SALN is one of the features under the Employee Self-Service of the Human Resource Information System (HRIS). This was particularly developed to assist the University and its employees in complying with the government’s mandated annual submission of SALN, consequently offering efficiency and convenience:

    On the end of every UP Constituent University’s HRDO, generating the Summary SALN List of Submissions Report is just a few clicks away. HRDOs will find this report particularly helpful in monitoring the submission (e.g. number of employees who have submitted already) of SALN at a given time. The Summary SALN List of Submissions Report contains details such as the total number of submitted SALN and employee information (i.e. complete name, status, TIN, position, net worth).
    For employees, on the other hand, filling out SALN is set to become less tedious. Unlike the offline or paper-based SALN where employees have to write the entries each time (i.e. every year of submission), the online SALN allows employees to save listed entries which they can opt to add or update and delete for the following year’s (or years’) SALN. Data entry will no longer have to be repetitive then.

Who may use Online SALN via HRIS?

All regular employees of the whole UP System may use Online SALN via HRIS to file their SALNS.

What are the functionalities of the Online SALN via HRIS?

The Online SALN via HRIS allows the employees of the University to:

      Fill out SALN and submit an electronic copy of SALN to their respective HRDOs via

SALN > SALN ; and Generate and download printable SALN via SALN > Print SALN Report.

How do I access SALN in HRIS?
Go to After successfully logging in to your account, navigate to the HRIS Main Menu > UP Employee Self Service responsibility > SALN.


Are there any prerequisites before I can use Online SALN?
Yes. You must have updated the following in your HRIS account prior to accomplishing your SALN via HRIS:

Basic Details

    – UP Employee Self Service > Employee Information > Personal Information > Basic Details

Main Address

    – UP Employee Self Service > Employee Information > Personal Information > Main Address
    Note: You may NOT use the current date as the Effective Date. Instead, the dates you may enter on the Effective Date include the date of your birth, date of marriage, or the date of the house purchase.

Dependents’ Data

    – UP Employee Self Service > Employee Information > Personal Information > Contacts -Enter information about both your spouse and children below 18 years old.
    – UP Employee Self Service > Employee Information > Contact Additional Information -Enter employment information for your spouse using Contact Additional Information

What information will I have to prepare/ provide for my SALN?
SALN is divided into four subsections: Assets, Business Interest and Financial Connections, Liabilities, and Relatives in the Government Service. Each section has a corresponding set of information which you have to fill out. These are as follows:


    – Description of Property, Type of Property (i.e. Personal Property and Other Assets, Real Property), Cost and Date of Acquisition

Business Interest and Financial Connections

    – Name of Entity or Business Enterprise, Business Address, Nature of Business and/or Financial Connection, and Date of Acquisition of Interest or Connection



    – Nature, Name of Creditors, and Outstanding Balance

Relatives in the Government Service

    – Name of Relative, Relationship, Position, and Name of Agency/ Office and Address.

The step-by-step process on how to fill out your SALN is available here.

To what date should I set the ‘As Of’ Date fields in my SALN?
As a rule, the ‘As Of’ Date (effective date) fields that you will encounter in every subsection of your SALN and the Print SALN request must be set to not later that the last day (31 December) of the previous year.
For example, you are to file your for this April 2016 deadline. The As of date of your SALN has to be set at 31 December 2015.

When is the deadline for filing SALN?
The deadline for filing SALN is on or before the 30th of April every year.

I have accomplished my online SALN via HRIS. Is it available for printing right away?
Yes, your SALN is available for printing immediately after you have finished filling out and submitting your SALN via HRIS. You may, however, also opt to retrieve and print it at a later time or day.
To print your SALN Report, all you need to do are to:

    Go to UP Employee Self Service > SALN > Print SALN Report.
    Set the ‘As Of’ Date same as the Effective Date that you set when you filled out your SALN.
    Submit your request. The SALN Report will be generated then in a downloadable and printable PDF.

To learn more about the Print SALN Report process, you may refer to this User Manual.

Does the Online SALN follow the same format or template as the offline/ manual SALN?
Yes, the SALN Report which will be generated has the same format or template as the manual one. Online SALN was developed adopting the same content, as well as form, as the offline-based/ manual SALN.




















Here is a sample of an accomplished SALN Report generated via HRIS:




















I have submitted my SALN online/ via HRIS already. Do I still need to submit a hard copy
Yes, you have to submit three (3) printed original copies of properly accomplished SALN to your HRDO. To print your SALN, you just have to use the Print SALN Report Feature of the Online SALN via HRIS.

Both my husband/ wife and I work at the University. Do we both need to accomplish SALN?
Yes. For spouses who are both employed in the University, their SALNs have to be separately filled out and filed online. Hard copy of SALN, however, has to be filed to the HRDO only by the husband.

If my entries for this year’s SALN is just the same as next year’s, will I have to re-enter the information?
No. One of the advantages of the Online SALN via HRIS is that it makes filling out SALN less tedious. You don’t need to re-enter information that so that you can include it on your succeeding year/s SALN.


Scenario: Asset A was listed has been listed in your As of 31 December 2015 SALN. You are to include this in your As of 31 December 2015 SALN. To do so, just update the ‘As Of’ Date of the entry from 31 December 2015 to 31 December 2016.


SALN-asofdateNote: However, if you have new entries you want to include in your most recent SALN or outdated entries which have to be removed, click the Add button or Delete button, respectively.

All you need is to update the As Of date of your entries by clicking the Update button.

Who may I contact for further queries or assistance for technical concerns with SALN?
The eUP System Helpdesk can assist you with your SALN, as well as other HRIS-related concerns. You may reach the Helpdesk at (02) 376 3100 or at [email protected]