Functions and Services



It shall have the following functions:

  • Design, develop and implement an integrated University-wide Information and Communication Technology (ICT) System.
  • Conduct regular university-wide ICT inventory and IT systems audit
  • Formulate strategies, plans and policies for the development, acquisition, deployment and use of all components of the University Information Systems and Intercampus Network and Communications infrastructure and resources
  • Provide and manage network interconnection among the Constituent Universities System-wide. Set up, maintain, update and upgrade as necessary all shared ICT and online services
  • Coordinate the System-wide core systems through the IT Centers of the different CUs
  • Provide assistance to System offices through in-house development and implementation of information systems
  • Implement a sustainable plan for replacement, maintenance and upgrade of existing core and in-house developed systems.

To accomplish the stated functions, UP ITDC shall ensure the realization of the following goals:

  • Integration of all University offices’ operations into one interconnected and inter-operable system
  • Seamless generation and dissemination of data across all UP constituent universities and organizations
  • Maintained and secured single source of truth
  • Improved Internet/Intranet connectivity
  • Increased level of ICT awareness and competency among stakeholders




Student Academic Information System

Human Resource Information System

Financial Management Information System

Supply, Procurement, and Campus Management Information System

Executive Information System

Information Technology Office

Communications and Content Development

Process Management