FAQ – UP Mail


The UP Mail is an email service available for all UP students, faculty, and staff (whether regular, contractual or ICS (Individual Contract of Service) in partnership with Google. Such email service is exclusively provided to UP for FREE by Google and such partnership was launched on 19 June 2013 at the Engineering Theater, Melchor Hall, UP Diliman. For more information about the event, click here.

Since the beginning of the eUP Project, the UP Mail has been the required account to access the eUP Core Information Systems (HRIS, FMIS/SPCMIS, SAIS, and EIS).


  • Greater File Storage and File Sharing Capacity
  • With UP mail, users will have an unlimited file storage space for free. Users can upload/download files up to 5TB, which already tilts the scale heavily in favor of @up mail, compared to the measly 30GB storage of a regular, non-UP mail Google account.

  • Professionalism in the Campus
  • University employees are not the only ones expected to observe professionalism, as the “@up.edu.ph email address can be used for both administrative and academic communications. Even before students can enter the workforce after graduation, the use of an official University email promotes courtesy and integrity.

    The UP Mail may be used for submitting research papers to international conferences, applying for scholarships here and abroad, and for submitting applications for research grants. Some institutions even require for an “.edu” e-mail for applications.

  • Extra Functionalities and Applications for Education
  • Users can take advantage of functionalities offered by UP Mail, such as scheduling of appointments, document sharing, pre-scheduling of messages, and instant messaging to help them stay connected to their friends and colleagues from around the world.

  • Collaboration is also made easy with UP Mail through online productivity suites (documents, spreadsheets, slides, drawings. ePub reader, etc.).
  • The UP mail also comes with the Google Classroom application provided for free exclusively through Google for Education. Teachers can create classes, distribute assignments, and see all features relevant to their teaching in one place. Students, on the other hand, may join classes and have all learning materials in just a matter of a few clicks. They may submit assignments online and collaborate with their classmates on projects.

  • No advertisements
  • With UP mail, users will no longer receive email advertisements and spam e-mails, but only if they do not subscribe to these.

  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Google for Education provides more enhanced security features. UP mail users are guaranteed with 99.9% uptime with 24/7 phone and e-mail support by Google.

  • Institutional Identity
  • UP follows the lead of some of the world’s top-caliber universities such as Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in implementing the use of UP’s own email address. Harvard and MIT have thisEmail for Life program, wherein students can still continue using their university email even after graduation. It’s convenient for graduates, since their email program has the double purpose of storing all email accounts in one database and, at the same time, maintaining their Harvard and MIT credentials for other purposes.

    By using the UP email, one supports the One UP. One University –the mantra of the current administration’s strategic plan. Consistently using UP email as official channel hence means collective recognition of being one university.

  • Protection in court cases
  • If a government employee is using his/personal e-mail for business purposes and a court case arises, the court may subpoena his/her personal e-mail. It will be helpful for one to separate personal e-mail from one’s work e-mail.

For those who would like learn more about UP Mail provided by Google for Education click here.

Each constituent university has its own webmail service for employees and students. Such email service is maintained by each CU’s respective Computer Center or IT office and they have the liberty to maintain such service depending on its mandate. UP Mail is different from these emails in such a way that it is used as the official access to the eUP Core Information Systems, with simplified domain name (@up.edu.ph) and standard to all CUs.

Since the UP Mail is powered by Gmail, you can sync your other Gmail accounts to your UP Mail. For instructions, click here.

UP Mail is also available to offices and recognized organizations in all UP CUs. Offices may also request for an official UP Mail address for UP-hosted events such as conferences, workshops, and seminars (for sending of invitations, storage of materials, audio and/or video conferencing via Hang Out, etc.).