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UP on iTUNES U hopes to deliver audio and video content, along with accompanying lecture notes and slides, from the different academic units in the University of the Philippines System to learners all over the world using the iTunes service. Currently, we are still building our library of content, and ...
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This workshop will focus on implementing a secure DNS server. It will discuss the concept of DNSSEC in detail, with hands-on configuration, key generation, signing, validation, and key rollover. Participants are assumed to have a good understanding of network fundamentals and a basic knowledge of Unix/Linux. Join us if you ...
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Information Systems For Better University Processes

Try and picture it for a second: Long lines disappearing. A paperless system. Simplified operations which you can feel when you see how easy it is to cross-enroll in another CU or apply for leaves. The University Information System offer the possibility of this future for the University by leveraging ...
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SAIS 101

Easier Admission Process | Straightforward Advising | Real-time Enrollment | Convenient Process | See Your Financial Account | Financial Aid | Keep Track of Your Academic Progress | Stay Updated | Simpler Process for Cross-Registration, Shifting, or Transferring CUs | View Graduation Requirements and Request for TOR or TCG ...
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